1. Crystal Tips: Charging


    So you’ve cleansed your crystals eh? If you haven’t you can go read THIS post on crystal cleansing. It’s a quick and easy process, you’d even be able to do it right now if you wanted…

    …Go ahead, cleanse, I can wait…

    …so now that you’ve cleansed your crystal, it’s ready and happy to help you…

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    Something always reminds me of exactly why I am SO in love with you in the first place, and it melts all my anger away and all I want to do is kiss you.

    Sometimes, I also want to punch you in the face for being so fucking amazing that it makes me forget to be mad, but mostly I just want to kiss you.

    I want a love like this

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  4. I’m attracted to cisgendered and transgendered men…am I gay? Bisexual? WHAT IS GIONG ON WITH MY SEXUALITY 

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    I’m fucking mind blown right now!! Did Supernatural get inspired of this photograph of Hitler when they came up with the old photo of Crowley hanging in the halls of Hell?

    What if Crowley was possessing Hitler…

    Well he was watching old Third Reich footage when we first see him in his house….. O_O O_O O_O

    Mother of God

    That would explain why he killed himself. Crowley smoked out, and hitler couldn’t live with the guilt…

    Hitler was very into the occult (it’s believable that he’d summon a cross roads demon) and most of the crap he did was within the last 10 years of his life . I think Crowley got Hitler to sign a demon deal and that he liked to watch the videos and pose like the Furer because he was proud of that deal. If Crowley got Hitler to sell his soul in exchange for the power to commit pure evil that would have been a double win for hell. I bet the Hitler deal is how he got the title King of the Crossroads

    BOOM Headcannon accepted

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I miss how the sweet smell of menthol 100’slingered on your lips during the summer.It’s October, the leaves have started changingand my heart has grown increasingly cold from your absence.I crave for your touch in the middle of the nighthoping to wake up to an I miss you textbecause maybe… possibly its as equally hard for you tofall asleep without me as it is for me without you.- arcanemysteries


    I miss how the sweet smell of menthol 100’s
    lingered on your lips during the summer.
    It’s October, the leaves have started changing
    and my heart has grown increasingly cold from your
    I crave for your touch in the middle of the night
    hoping to wake up to an I miss you text
    because maybe… possibly its as equally hard for you to
    fall asleep without me as it is for me without you.

    - arcanemysteries

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    Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived 1.5 million years ago and as you can probably tell from the above pictures it was HUGE, here are some few facts

    • It’s teeth were over 7 inches long
    • It’s bite can deliver from 10.2-18.6 tons of force, enough to crush a prehistoric whale’s skull like a grape
    • It feasted on prehistoric whales, dolphins, squids, fish, and even giant turtles 
    • It’s fossils have been found all over the world
    • No one knows why it went extinct


    That last fact is the scariest fact

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    OH. MY GOD.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    A descendent of theropod dinosaurs, Ladies & Gentlemen.

    Think of the lives that could have been saved if they had a bucket of ping pong balls to distract the raptors.

    send help, can’t handle this adorbs birb

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    you: hey isozyme, what do you want most in this world?

    me: project runway AUs in every fandom

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    • me: "no honestly I'm the most chill person you'll ever meet"
    • me: *throws shade 24/7*
    • me: *blatantly hates everyone and everything*
    • me: *is overdramatic*
    • me: *is a major asshole*
    • me: *complains about everything*
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Dr. Emoto Dies – The Passing of a Legend
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    fuck dating girls who are “naturally pretty.” date girls who are supernaturally pretty. date a hot ass ghost. date a fucking alien 

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    idk why wearing someone else’s shirt or sweater or jacket is so satisfying and comforting but it is

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    idk why introverts have a reputation of being quiet and shy people who’d rather be alone. have you ever been friends with an introvert who’s decided you’re worth their time? we turn into the clingiest, most needy people on the planet because there’s so few people we actually can stand

    That’s exactly what all the people should know. 

    Also we become extremely talkative since we kind of compensate our usual quietness that way

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